• Free yourself

  • Embrace your erotic body

  • Turn off your ‘offs’ and turn on your ’ons

  • Reveal your authentic sexuality

  • Be playful and sexy at your pace

The Desire Kit

Dive Deep Unlock your Lust
from Question Mark to Pleasure

A 6-week online Deep Dive journey
for curious people

and learn all about my sexuality in a safe and fun way



Embodied Consent

Your ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Erotic Types


Sexual Temperament

Discover yours


Unlock your Lust

Are you done with average or no sex, no intimacy and no self-love?


……..you are having an intimate, erotic encounter and for the first time in your life, you know and feel what truly turns you on. You are clear in what you love to experience and ask for it. You are in the here and now. You feel safe in your body because your boundaries are clear. Because you are super curious and excited to connect deeply with the other you both agree on what kind of encounter you are into:

a slow start connecting the eyes, having a sharing and move from there,

or an exciting powerplay with or without sensation items,

or just a delicious love-making respecting each other’s pace.

You are open and compassionate towards small things that hit your bell and share them lovingly.

Nothing is in the way to surrender to your lust.

……..you are having a wonderful delicious encounter with yourself realizing how important it is for you to receive love, touch, and attention exactly the way you love it.

You scheduled me-time in your diary and created a private temple for yourself with music, oil, a drink, perhaps a bite, or whatever you like to play with: toys, clothes, sensation-items. You are completely willing to be your greatest lover tonight and surrender to yourself and your deepest desires.

In both situations, you can’t help sighing and breathing deeply, moaning, and moving your body lusciously.

Afterward, you are so happy, glowing, and fulfilled. Desire is awakened and you know next time can be different but as meaningful and connected as this time.

Aaah! You so wish this, but you haven’t got it because every time you have a sexual encounter your black old voices are there…….

And these things keep on happening:


  • don’t love your body as it is
  • dissociate often during sex (groceries)
  • feel numbness
  • have a ‘missing’ feeling
  • have ideas about ‘how it should be’
  • blame yourself for not being able to enjoy sexuality
  • blame your partners (secretly) for not being the right lover
  • feel shame about not having a great sex life
  • don’t know what you like
  • can’t get what you like
  • don’t know how to communicate
  • don’t know how to receive

OMG! WHAT A LIST! And there’s much more probably. To be honest, I know these states very well……..😉

My own silent questions about my sexuality were:

why can’t I find a flowing erotic match with a or my partner,

why do I feel like ending up in a rut again and again?

Why can’t I surrender to endless juicy encounters and be my own authentic self?

Why do I experience so much emptiness? Why don’t I know how to DO it!?

Do you recognize them?

‘Change happens when we are brave enough to bring our silent questions into the light and learn to enjoy our curiosity’


I get you

As you see, I’ve been there too. I completely get that you long for enjoying orgasmic sensations in your body whether you’re with yourself or with a partner, for intimacy and connection, for being touched the way you love it, and above all, you want it to be new and different!

I get you when you just want to be able to feel connected and seen, and to be able to understand what you and your partner genuinely turn on. Without losing yourself and even enjoying it all.

I get you totally when you crave variety, fun, and playfulness. Missing these can feel so empty. But how to bring them back or find them? How to turn your wheel?

Well, I can help you to get this clear in the deep dive ‘The Desire Kit’ is!

How? Not by deep psychotherapeutic digging but by discovering step by step where you’re at right now and where you want to be, using the amazing insights and learnings I received from life, my own body, my experiences with my clients in my somatic sex education practice, and all the teachings that helped me to understand how things work.

I can’t tell you how deeply thankful and enthusiastic I am about all answers, exercises, and playfulness I’m offering you in this six-week training!

So, are you truly done with average or no sex, no intimacy, no self-love?

It might be time to join The Desire Kit 😉

What do I get when I buy The Desire Kit?

In these six weeks, you’ll discover how to turn off your Offs and turn on your Ons!
The journey is as follows:

🙌Every Monday at 1 pm CET we’ll come together for your weekly explanation and assignments

🙌 During the weeks you’ll receive emails, video’s with encouragement, lessons, and meditations based on the five elements of Touch: self-love, self-touch, embodied-talk, taking-in, and surrender.

🙌 You are a member of our private Facebook group so you can share your findings, experiences, and questions

🙌 Every Friday at 8 pm CET Coaching call, Q and A on Zoom (no streaming into the Facebook group).

Week 1: we start making up the balance, where are you right now and where do you want to be at the end of these six weeks?

Week 2: Embodied Consent, finding your true yes and no, playing touch dynamics

Week 3: Your personal core erotic theme, where does it come from, what erotic type are you? Looking at your shadows

Week 4: Your sexual temperament, brakes and accelerators, healing shadows. Creating your perfect context for intimacy

Week 5: Building bridges to desire, feeding your and each other’s erotic type. Your ‘how’ match with your or a partner. How to feed yourself.

Week 6: Unlocking your Lust: Polarity. Discover what’s yours and play with it. It’s all about love, attraction, and playfulness

Are you in for this with me? To get your juices flowing by diving deep with me in your own wonderful sexuality in a safe and fun way! It’s about time, isn’t it?

that’s why I have an offer for you: The regular price of this amazing ‘letting the shells fall off your eyes’ course is € 497,-

BUT till 11th of January midnight, the price will be € 297,-

and learn all about my sexuality in a safe and fun way


Arati offers online and offline sessions and workshops as a Somatic Sexological Coach & Trainer.
She’s supporting people to let go of shame and learning them
to embrace their curiosity to be ecstatic and free.